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I’m Carlotta, founder of Hopskipmedia & Hopskipdive. I love freedom and being location independent. The world is my home. My business is done all remotely. It doesn't matter where I go, my business follows me! I am currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.
I grew up in Italy, but in my early twenties I decided that there was much more to life and decided to leave my homeland to explore other parts of the world. I lived in the Uk for 9 years where I developed my skills and experience within the travel and tourism industry, working for leading companies such as Qantas Airways and Gullivers Travel Associates in London.
After the UK experience, I moved to more tropical lands and spent 8 years living between Mexico and South East Asia, working in public relations and teaching scuba diving within a few leading recreational businesses and ultimately as a General Manager of a boutique hotel in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Following the growth of the internet, I became passionate about Social Media Marketing. I help people like you to reach their audience through social media and digital marketing by increasing engagement, trust and brand awareness. Most importantly, I help you to reach the right people and get the leads you need by creating a strategy that is tailor-made to reach your goals.  
In an industry that is constantly changing and growing, I keep on top of the game by constantly following training and trends of the industry. I am an active member of SMU, the largest community of social media managers lead by Rachel Pedersen, award winner Queen of Social Media.
I pride myself on valuing my clients' as individuals and on being able to establish long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with them.
When I don't help my clients with their social media, I usually spend time with my favourite people, run or explore new places (ideally somewhere hot with great scuba diving!), drink wine, watch movies, camping and going to festivals. 
Get in touch! I'd love to get to know you and see how we can work together!
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